Photo of Mary
DETAIL...It’s what transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary, allows the effortless mingling of the simple and the complex, the artful blend of the serious and the whimsical.

Growing up with a sewing machine center to her world, MSD brings a dressmaker’s eye for the artistry in detail and fabrication – the elegance of drape, the intricate balance of color, pattern and texture.

MSD’s approach is fueled by a strong emotional connection to the work, and rooted in an uncompromisingly straightforward design philosophy - - you want to love your home.

With reverence for the bones of your home and inspired to make the original architecture personal to you, MSD uses the intricacy of detail and fabrication as the design aesthetic that brings each room beautifully and comfortably to life.

Whether your project entails a new home, a renovation, one room, or one window, the result is design rich with detail that appeals to the eye and space that appeals to the way you live.

MSD believes your home is not just a place to look at; it’s a place to experience, to enjoy, to live. It’s your home, I want you to love it.